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Bikini Waxing
  • Brazilian Bikini Wax

    There are a wide variety of styles that are determined at the time of your appointment. Pricing may vary due to amount of hair to be removed and frequency of visits. Most Brazilian waxes are done in under 15 minutes! including first-timers!

  • Standard Bikini Wax

    Includes hair at the top of the thigh that would show outside of bathing suit

Facial Waxing
  • we are not offering facial waxing at this time

  • We are not offering facial waxing at this time

Body Waxing
  • Full Legs

    includes standard bikini line

  • Half legs

    from the toes to just above the knee

  • Thighs

    includes standard bikini (just what shows outside of your undies

  • Under Arms

  • Forearms

    includes hands and fingers

  • Full Arms to shoulder

    includes hands and fingers

  • Belly, Abdomen, Lower Back

  • Hands and fingers

  • Feet and toes

  • Full legs and Brazilian

  • Thigh and Brazilian

Men’s Waxing
  • Chest

  • Back and shoulders